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Alex C.
Always on time
General English/TEFL IELTS
My name is Alex. I’m a native English-speaking teacher from the southwest of England. I’ve been teaching English for five years now. In that...
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Jingtao C.
Experienced subject teacher
IELTS Expert
Education / Training (University) IELTS
Hey! I have over 7 years IELTS teaching experience in Chinese well-known language training organizations. I am a patient and enthusiastic teacher...
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Rishan P.
Current top student
Engineering - Electrical & Electronic (University)
Hi, I am a PhD Student at UCL in EEE developing Brain Computer Interfaces! I previously was a Masters student in Biomedical Eng at Imperial College...
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Business & Management Studies (University)
I dreamed of being a teacher so I went to one of the top Chinese universities that train teachers. I enjoyed a delightful friendship with both...
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Julia F.
Top university graduate
PBSAA (Psychological and Behavioural Science Admissions Assessment) Philosophy (A Level) Psychology (A Level)
I am an enthusiastic and friendly teacher, passionate about education and committed to finding innovative ways to make tricky subject material...
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Maths (A Level) Maths (GCSE) Maths (IB)
I recently completed a PhD in Theoretical Physics (String Theory) at Imperial College London. I'm a friendly, caring and patient physicist who...
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