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Jerry Z.

Giải tích Ab & Bc (AP) Hóa học (AP) Kinh tế học (AP) Bài kiểm tra tuyển sinh khoa học quản lý sau đại học GMAT Kỳ thi tuyển sinh sau đại học GRE Vật lý (AP) Kỳ thi tuyển sinh đại học Mỹ SAT
Education and
work experience
  • Test Prep Unlimited, GMAT Tutor (all sections), 2018 - 2021.
  • Cornell University, Master of Engineering, Financial Engineering
  • University of Michigan, BS, Actuarial Mathematics.

About me


Exam prep specialist

Jerry always had ease in learning quantitative-related subjects, and he was especially enthusiastic in teaching his fellow peers about them. Even in college, he often absorbed whatever was taught on the spot and explained it to peers in a more relatable way compared to the professors. He has a unique style of tackling the exam, which is to simplify the exam as much as possible for the students. His wits and tactics often get the claim “Wow, that's so smart!''' Jerry hopes to teach long-life lessons to his students, and not just tricks that will only work for the GMAT.

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