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G5 University Admissions 764+ views


Mincong Z. Top university graduate
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2022/11/12 12:00 (GMT+0)
2022/11/12 12:00 (GMT+0)
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G5 University Admissions



   2.1 学术成绩




   2.2 语言成绩:GCSE英文/雅思



Main lecturer

Mincong Z.
Top university graduate

I am now a graduate of the University of Cambridge (BA, Economics) and I have also now qualified as a mathematics teacher with PGCE and QTS status. Having helped 4 of my students achieve offers for Cambridge (3 for Economics, 1 for Law), I am in a very good position to advice on all aspects of the admissions process. I also achieved 3 A*'s in A-Level Mathematics, Further Mathematics, and Economics, as well as an A in Physics. Of these, I have been tutoring A-Level Mathematics and Economics for over a year, and can offer help tailored to your ability. Currently, I have students who are in various stages of their preparation: some are getting ready for their final interview while some are preparing to achieve the best possible background knowledge and predicted grades in their A-Levels.

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