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Alexander L.

About me


Experienced with international students PhD 10+ years experience

Following tutorage from the present headmaster of Eton College, Mr Simon Henderson, I work specifically on applications to top independent schools in the UK. In the past few years, my students have joined Westminster, JAGS, Cheltenham Ladies College, Brighton College, Highgate, Benenden, St Paul’s along with many others. My 10 years’ experience in this field has provided me with the knowledge and experience to ensure I can recommend the most suitable schools for a student and then provide the necessary tuition and guidance to help the student attain a place at their desired school. In terms of tuition, I am a firm believer in developing the skills that entrance assessments seek to identify while helping students foster the abilities and characteristics top schools regard most favourably – critical thinking and analysis, thinking outside of the box, compassion and empathy, creativity, etc. All lessons are bespoke to meet the needs of each student and are related to the specific schools they wish to join. Comprehension, writing, verbal and non-verbal reasoning, maths and interview practice are generally the key areas that I work on with a student but in some cases, humanities and geography are also required. Homework is set every week for my students which is marked addressed during the following lesson. I am TESOL qualified and have experience supporting students from overseas. However, due to the nature of the schools I support students with, prospective students should already have a reasonably high level of English. Enquiries from parents and students are welcome. Please feel free to send me a message.

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