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Carmen L.

07+ entry General English/TEFL 11+ entry
Education and
work experience
  • University of Edinburgh, MA Hons Chinese Studies, 4 years
  • Professional Teacher, 5 years
  • Language Education, Founder, 2 years

About me


Clear explanations Experienced with international students

I am a dedicated language educator with roots in London, stemming from Vietnamese-Chinese heritage. My linguistic foundation was laid with Cantonese, courtesy of my family background, and English, through my upbringing in the UK. Recognising the growing importance of Mandarin, I undertook self-directed studies during my secondary education years. My commitment to the language led me to pursue formal qualifications, culminating in a Master of Arts with Honours in Chinese Studies from the University of Edinburgh, where I attained a distinction in Spoken Chinese.

In 2018, I began my professional teaching career. Since then, I've delivered over 2000 lessons to a diverse set of students, ranging in age from 4 to 65, with a majority hailing from China. My pedagogical approach is student-centred, focusing on individual learning needs and making use of a variety of educational materials for a balanced learning experience. Additionally, I hold three TEFL certificates, reinforcing my understanding and approach to teaching English to speakers of other languages.

Over the years, I've used my expertise to help students prepare for critical assessments. Notably, I've guided learners in Hong Kong through the Cambridge English Language Assessments, with several achieving distinctions. My teaching ethos centres around enabling understanding, often employing visual aids and regular homework assignments to ensure comprehension and retention. While my approach to discipline is firm to maintain a structured learning environment, I believe in fostering a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, especially with younger learners, to enhance their learning experience.

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