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Changlong W.

Calculus Ab & Bc (AP) Physics & Astronomy (University) Physics (A Level) Physics (AP) Physics (GCSE) Physics (IB)
Education and
work experience


  • Doctor of Philosophy in Theoretical Particle Physics from University of Florida, USA (08/2016)
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Applied Physics from Shanghai University, China (07/2009)


  • Adjunct Professor, Broward College, USA (08/2017 – present)
  • Full-Time AP/Honor Physics/Math Teacher, Coral Springs High School, USA (08/2016 – present)
  • Teaching Assistant, University of Florida, USA (08/2012 – 05/2016)
  • Physics Teacher, Shanghai Experimental School, China (08/2010 – 06/2012)

About me


Clear explanations Experienced subject teacher

As an experienced educator with a strong educational background and a passion for fostering student learning, I am confident in my ability to contribute to the academic success of every student I teach. With a Doctor of Philosophy in Theoretical Particle Physics from the University of Florida, where I maintained a remarkable GPA of 3.95, and a Bachelor of Engineering in Applied Physics from Shanghai University with a GPA of 3.79, I bring a solid foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical application.
Notably, I completed my doctoral program in an impressive three and a half years, a significantly shorter timeframe than the average completion period of five to seven years. This accomplishment is a testament to my exceptional work ethic, intellectual prowess, and dedication to advancing my field of study. During my accelerated program, I demonstrated the ability to balance rigorous coursework, comprehensive research, and effective teaching, further highlighting my capacity to excel in a demanding academic environment.
Throughout my teaching career, I have successfully taught a diverse range of physics and mathematics courses, including AP, honors, and college-level classes. I believe in creating an engaging and inclusive learning environment by incorporating various teaching techniques and styles. By utilizing active learning methods, hands-on experiments, and real-world applications, I strive to make complex concepts accessible and relatable to students. Additionally, my commitment to differentiated instruction ensures that I provide tailored support and challenges to students of different abilities and learning styles, fostering a classroom environment that encourages growth and academic achievement.
In addition to my academic achievements, I have been recognized for my dedication to excellence in teaching. I was honored to receive the Top Canvas User award during my tenure at Broward County Public Schools, showcasing my proficiency in utilizing technology to enhance student learning experiences. Moreover, as an Excellent Alumni of general colleges and universities, as well as an Excellent Undergraduate Student according to the Shanghai Municipal Education Committee, I have consistently demonstrated a commitment to academic excellence and a drive to inspire the next generation of learners.

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