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Esme N.

Biology (A Level) Biology (GCSE) G5 University Admissions
Education and
work experience
  • University of Cambridge, 3 years, Natural Sciences
  • CBPartners, Analayst for 1 year
  • Osprey Health Consulting, Consultant for 1.5 years

About me


Gives encouragement Top university graduate

I am a young professional living in London, where I have been working as a life sciences consultant for the past three years. I graduated from the University of Cambridge in 2020 where I studied Natural Sciences, and achieved a first in all three years. As a result of this experience, I feel I am able to provide students with support in elite university admissions. Prior to studying at Cambridge I worked as a teaching assistant at a primary school in London where I supported lessons with students across the key stage 2 curriculum. Through this experience, I was able to develop my teaching style - I like to take an informal approach to ensure that my students feel as comfortable as possible. I then like to break down the topics into digestible steps, and use a questions-based approach to ensure that the student stays engaged throughout. I also like to add a bit of fun to the teaching process as I find that this helps to build further trust and engagement. While working at the primary school I also tutored a Year 12 student in A-level Chemistry, which helped to build my experience in terms of working with different age groups.

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