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Hongde L.

History & Archaeology (University) History (A Level) PhD Admissions Philosophy (University) Theology, Divinity & Religious Studies (University)
Education and
work experience


  • Doctoral Student, Department of Theology and Religion, University of Exeter, 2019-present
  • MA Russian Studies, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, 2018-2019
  • BA (Hons) Russian and History, 2:1, School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London, 2014-2018

Work experience:

  • Humanities Tutor, October 2021-Present, Sinica Education
  • Postgraduate Teaching Assistant, 2021-Present, University of Exeter
  • Publishing House Intermediary, Aug 2018 – Oct 2018, Children's Fun Publishing Co., Ltd (Egmont China) & Brand Licensing Europe, Beijing & London; China & UK
  • Translator for Conference Archive, Dec 2016 - Feb 2017, The Sixth Beijing (International) Seminar on Tibetan Studies, Beijing; China
  • Translator and Book Reviewer, June 2016 - Aug 2016, Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, Beijing; China

About me


Experienced subject teacher 10+ years experience

I graduated from University College London in 2018 with a B.A. in Russian and History and an M.A. in Russian Studies from University College London in 2019. I am completing my doctorate in Theology and Religious Philosophy at the University of Exeter. While studying at University College London, I participated in various conferences related to culture, history, and philosophy in Beijing, London, and St. Petersburg. At the same time, while completing my Ph.D. research, I currently am a teaching assistant and course tutor for both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in theology and philosophy.

I also have experience working as an online tutor for secondary and high school history, religious studies, philosophy, and English literature for over a year. With 11 years of experience living in the U.K. and one year studying in Russia, I am confident with interreacting with people from diverse cultural backgrounds. I speak fluent Chinese, English, and Russian, with knowledge of German and Greek. I believe education, especially teaching subjects on humanity such as philosophy, English, and religious studies, needs academic expertise. More importantly, it inspires and encourages students to think, develop, and create their understanding of the specific question.

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