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Ian M.

Biology (A Level) Biology (GCSE) Biology (IB) Chemistry (GCSE) Chemistry (IB) Physics (GCSE) Physics (IB)
Education and
work experience

BSc in Environmental science from Ulster university where I also studied for an MSc in Environmental management.
I have international teaching experience from the UK, China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Egypt and Botswana where I have taught Science in a wide range of international school. I have taught in international schools for 30 years

About me


Experienced with international students 10+ years experience

I am an experienced international Science teacher with lots of experience as head of science in international schools. I teach Biology to A level and IB HL as well as Biology, Chemistry and Physics to IGCSE level.
I am an experienced MYP science teacher familiar with designing and managing all aspects of MYP science.
I have international science teaching experience in nine countries and very familiar with educating and supporting ESL students.
I am able to help students to get the best grades they can by teaching the skills and providing the right experience so that students can manage their science course and perform well in examinations.

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