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Murray M.

Education and
work experience


  • Certified IELTS Teacher from IDP and Premier TEFL
    • Completed IELTS Teacher Training Program organized by IELTS IDP Education & Sydney Group.
    • Completed a Teaching IELTS Preparation Course from Premier TEFL, an accredited ODLQC provider.
  • Certified TEFL/TESOL Teacher from, consisting of:
      • 50-hour TEFL course
      • 30-hour Grammar and Language Awareness course
      • 20-hour Video and Observation course
      • 10-hour Telephone Teaching course
      • 10-hour Teaching Large Classes course
  • Graduated from South Gloucestershire and Stroud College, England


Work Experience


  • Successfully provided IELTS lessons in all 4 skills for the past six years, helping many students improving IELTS skills and achieving desired IELTS targets.
  • Implemented and delivered pre-IELTS courses to university students at National Economics University (NEU), VN, one of the nation’s premier economic research institutions.
  • Contributed as a key member of the academic team, where I worked closely with the staff to innovate the curriculum and I also developed devised an efficient system for curriculum management.
  • Conducted IELTS instruction at various public, private, and international schools in Hanoi, assisting students in preparing for university entrance exams.

About me


I’m a certified IELTS tutor who has been teaching for over 8 years now, 6 of which I have focused on developing my IELTS teaching career. I have a plethora of success stories from my previous students and I have put a lot of time, money and effort into fully understanding the IELTS test in order to prepare my students for the exam in a way that is most efficient. There is a lot of misinformation online regarding the IELTS test and I am passionate about helping my students understand exactly what is required of them during the test in order to reach their goals.

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