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Paul C.

Architecture (University) Art School Admissions G5 University Admissions
Education and
work experience
  • Bachelor of Architecture, Cambridge University
  • Architectural Assistant, DSDHA
  • Chief Design Officer, Netwookie Ltd
  • Educational Consultant, CANA Elite
  • Academic Assistant, Domestic Bursar's Office Churchill College - University of Cambridge


About me


Top university graduate

I read Architecture at University of Cambridge, and have been awarded a BA (Honours) in June 2016. During my time as a student I held the position of Academic Assistant to the Domestic Bursar at Churchill College in University of Cambridge and worked with the Tutorial Office in engaging with prospective students during the College’s Open Days on several occasions. Since then I have extensively worked as an Architecture Mentor as well as Oxbridge Applications Mentor assisting students from a variety of backgrounds with their applications. I am committed to finalising my training in becoming a fully registered Architect.

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