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Richard L.

Computer Science & Information Systems (University) Computer Science/ICT (A Level) Computer Science/ICT (GCSE)
Education and
work experience
  • University of Exeter, United Kingdom - 4 yearsBSc Computer Science with Industrial Placement
  • Upper Second Class - Computer Science - 1 year placement at Kimberly Clark, working as EMEA Digital Marketing Analyst. Worked with marketeers across EMEA to upskill on Sitecore - content management system. Helping manage the frontend systems but teaching and being the expert in SiteCore to help digital marketeers manage the consumer goods online segment.


  • 2022 - present - AWS Cloud consultant - As a cloud consultant, I manage and use coding practices gained through experience and also new cloud technologies that are emerging. Not only as a developer, I work with customers directly to help upskill and introduce cloud concepts for their journey. This ends up varying customer to customer, which is a daily challenge that I embrace.

About me


Clear explanations Interactive teaching style

I am a Cloud Consultant specialized in AWS, holding a BSc in Computer Science from the University of Exeter, where I graduated with a 2:1. My passion lies at the intersection of cloud computing and software development, with a focus on leveraging technology to solve complex problems in innovative ways.

Educational Background: My time at Exeter was instrumental in shaping my analytical and problem-solving skills. I delved deeply into subjects like algorithm design, data structures, and software engineering, which now form the bedrock of my approach to cloud solutions and teaching.

Teaching Technique: My teaching is heavily influenced by my background in computer science, coupled with hands-on experience in AWS. I employ an interactive, example-driven teaching style, simplifying complex theoretical concepts into practical applications. My sessions often include live coding, case studies, and discussions, aiming to demonstrate the real-world applications of theoretical knowledge. During my time at Kimberly Clark too -

Strengths: My core strength is in integrating the fundamentals of computer science with modern cloud technologies, particularly AWS. This blend allows me to provide valuable insights into how understanding core computer science concepts is crucial for mastering cloud platforms. My experience in agile methodologies and DevOps further enriches my teaching, making it relevant and applicable to current industry standards.

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