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Richard P.

IELTS English for Academic Purposes (EAP) English Language & Literature (University) English Language (A Level) English Language (AP) English Language (GCSE) English Literature (A Level) English Literature (AP) English Literature (GCSE) Essay and Dissertation Proofreading Global Politics (IB) History & Archaeology (University) History (A Level) History (IB) TOEFL World History (AP)
Education and
work experience
  • English, Durham University
  • History, Cambridge University, 
  • PGCE, London University IOE
  • TEFL Certificate
  • Lecturer, Matsuyama University
  • Associate Professor, Ehime University

About me


IELTS Expert Top university graduate PGCE

I will guide my students in developing INDEPENDENT, ANALYTICAL, and even CREATIVE thinking, step-by-step. I promise they will gain the skills they need so that even when I'm not with them, students can succeed in their goals. My IELTS students have an almost 100 per cent pass rate and all my Science in English students had the opportunity to go on to post-grad studies.

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