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Xzen Hung L.

Architecture (University) Art & Design (University)
Education and
work experience
  • Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Interior Architecture and Design
  • Master's degree in Interior Design
  • Master of Architecture with RIBA Part 2 accreditation, all of which were earned at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA).


  • I am an experienced interior design tutor for 2 years in the Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA), Malaysia. Continue with almost 2 years of experienced as a Architectural assistant and Interior designer in both NBBJ London and HKR Architects.

About me


Interactive teaching style

I had the opportunity to work as an Interior Design Lecturer/Tutor at the Malaysian Institute of Art for 2 years, in addition, I have expertise in both architecture and interior design. I worked at NBBJ London as an interior designer for over a year, and I am currently working at HKR Architects as a Part 2 architectural assistant, which entails working across RIBA Stages 2 to 5 in the fields of Higher Education, Healthcare, Life Sciences, and residential sectors, as well as creating project proposals for competitions. In addition to my role and responsibilities, I also participated in the sustainability group and the interior college group, where I held a companywide presentation, updating my company on the latest upcoming design trends in the interior design and construction industries after attending Milan Design Week 2022.

From my previous work experiences and my teaching career, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with individuals with unique sets of talents, ideas, and design approaches, which helped me cope with diverse thinking and helped me face the challenges in an international setting. My education in architecture and interior design makes me uniquely positioned as someone who has a strong grasp of understanding building design inside and out. Based on my experience working at the university, I possess a great passion for education and am committed to providing the best possible learning experience for my students. I am capable of taking charge of the learning process and have a proven track record of managing a classroom effectively. Additionally, I am driven and determined to excel in this role and ensure positive outcomes for all involved.

As an avid learner myself, I strongly believe in the importance of creating a collaborative learning environment where students and teachers can exchange ideas and learn from each other. I believe that education is a two-way street and that every student has unique insights and experiences that can enrich the learning experience for everyone. By creating an open, collaborative learning environment, I strive to foster a sense of curiosity and exploration among my students. My teaching philosophy emphasizes collaboration and innovation, and I believe that students learn best when they are challenged to think critically and creatively. I am committed to helping my students develop their own unique design styles and approaches, while also providing them with the practical skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in their chosen field.

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