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Yifan Z.

Business & Management Studies (University) Chinese (A Level) Marketing (University)
Education and
work experience
  • Warwick Business School, Master of Science in Marketing and Strategy
  • Shanghai International Studies University, Bachelor of Arts in Advertising
  • Legend Media, Marketing Executive
  • Shanghai SAIC Mobility, Intern
  • Dingsheng Education Group, Intern
  • AIESEC, Senior Account Manager
  • Shanghai Huaqiaocun Primary School, Voluntary teacher
  • Account Manager in Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd

About me


I’m a kind and warm person who are always willing to help students. My unique teaching style is that I can elaborate complicated concepts with vivid examples and easy-accessible cases, trying to let every student love the subject and form a good habit of learning gradually. Graduating from a top business school, I have solid academic learning in business and marketing during undergraduate and postgraduate study. Also, I have practical working experience in marketing field, which gives more insights to share and teach. I once helped a student improve their performance from 51st to 18th rank in class in a month.

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