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Yilan L.

English Language & Literature (University) IELTS
Education and
work experience
  • UNIVERSITY COLLEGE LONDON - London Master of Sciences in Global Migration (Merit)
  • CHINESE CULTURE UNIVERSITY - Taipei Visiting Student
  • MINZU UNIVERSITY OF CHINA - Beijing - Master of Arts in Comparative Literature and World Literature (Diaspora Literature - Distinction)
  • MINZU UNIVERSITY OF CHINA - Beijing - Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Literature (Distinction)


  • Founder & Director - London - YIYU Bespoke Cultural Experience LTD supported by UCL Innovation and Enterprise


  • Publicity and Planning Supervisor - Beijing - Juvenile Publication Bureau, Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press

About me


IELTS Expert

Hi I'm Yilan. I have a passion for teaching English. I have been giving private tutorials for people at all levels for more than ten years now and have always had good results. I have helped students at beginner level with pronunciation, grammar, and basic writing, and learners at intermediate and advanced levels with expanding their vocabulary, sentence structure, and reading and writing ability. Broadly speaking my emphasis is on ensuring that learners improve their language whilst also enjoying themselves learning English.

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