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Ziming X.

Economics & Econometrics (University) G5 University Admissions Philosophy (University) TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment)
Education and
work experience

-MSc Economics and Philosophy, London School of Economics
-BSc Economics with First Class Honours, London School of Economics
-Summer Research Assistant, Department of Philosophy, Logic and Scientific Method, London School of Economics
-Financial Advisory Intern, W.E. Capital

About me


I'm an MSc Economics and Philosophy student at the London School of Economics. I also hold a BSc Economics degree with First Class Honours from LSE as well. I have been tutoring Economics since 2018, with the competency to teach undergrad-level micro, macro, and econometrics. I'm also capable of teaching undergrad-level development economics and political economy.
On the philosophy side, I specialise in moral and political philosophy, my philosophy paper has been selected and presented at London University Philosophy Conference, and I have been tutoring philosophy and Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA) since 2019.

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